Chicken Egg Store Owner
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អ្នកនាង ធន សុភី ម្ចាស់ហាងពងមាន់អាំងយុវវ័យ

She has owned this store for 6 years. Before, she had a 9-5 work. But, after eating out for a while, she realized that opening a store could earn her enough income to support family. So, she decided to talk to her family and open a store.
My Story: Lav Chamroeun
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រឿងខ្ញុំ៖ ឡាវ ចំរើន

He opened his store to help disabled people who could use their sowing skills to make money. He also uses recycled materials for his products to save the environment.
Q&A - How to Become an Entrepreneur
Klahan9 TV - Episode 06
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កម្មវិធីក្លាហាន9 តាមទូរទស្សន៍ភាគទី៦ - ល្ខោន

Objective # 1: “Increase access to information for young people aged 15-30 in Cambodia about job opportunities, formal and informal ways to find employment, access to training and support, or ways to improve the way they make a living” Learning Point: There are many different kinds of jobs/businesses/trainings out there: There’s value in considering the long-term benefits of short-term sacrifices against immediate gains.
Klahan9 TV - Episode 05
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កម្មវិធីក្លាហាន9 តាមទូរទស្សន៍ភាគទី៥ - ល្ខោន

Objective # 3: “Increase young people’s confidence and knowledge of strategies to discuss and negotiate with parents and other community power holders about their livelihoods.” Learning Point: Know what you’re prepared to compromise / trade on, and ditto for the other person.
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កម្មវិធីក្លាហាន9 តាមទូរទស្សន៍ភាគទី៤ - ល្ខោន

Objective # 2: “Increase young people’s knowledge and skills in seeking employment / an occupation (including small business / family business) that will meet their economic needs and provide good conditions” [Also Objective 3] Learning Point: If you have finished up to Year X you have more long-term options for employment, additional training and improving your family business.