Tip to Save Money
Disable Basket Ball
Tips to Save Money
What would you do if you were given 100,000 riel?
Yaro's Plan for September
Q&A - How to Become an Entrepreneur
Klahan9 TV - Episode 10
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កម្មវិធីក្លាហាន9 តាមទូរទស្សន៍ភាគទី១០ – ភាគបញ្ចប់ - សង្ខែបសាច់រឿងទាំងមូល

Objective # 3: “Increase young people’s confidence and knowledge of strategies to discuss and negotiate with parents and other community power holders about their livelihoods.” [ALL OBJECTIVES DISCUSSED, NOT JUST 3] Learning Point: Be brave, informed and respectful when you negotiate for choices that affect your livelihoods