About Klahan9


Klahan9 (which means “Brave9”) is an entertaining, informative and engaging multi-media initiative on TV, radio, online.  It aims to support young Cambodian people to improve their life by providing information about employment, economic security / opportunities and negotiating with family and other decision makers around jobs.

Young people in Cambodia face high levels of unemployment and there’s stiff competition for jobs. Also, work experience is hard to come by and many young people find it difficult to access career guidance and training. Those who are in work might contend with low wages, informal contracts, insufficient on-the-job training and long working hours. In addition, many young Cambodians are interested in migrating to the cities or abroad, but are inadequately prepared to make the move.

Klahan9 aims to address these challenges on TV, radio and online in a number of ways, including airing interviews from employment experts, live call-in-programmes, innovative games shows and educational dramas. The shows will cover a range of topics: from how to search for employment opportunities more effectively, negotiating with parents and employers, CV writing and interviewing skills, workplace safety, employee rights and responsibilities, economic migration and the risks poses by people traffickers. In addition, many people in Cambodia are self-employed and the project also aims to support those looking to set up their own business or to make their agricultural livelihoods more productive.

Klahan9 TV will be broadcasted in December 2015. The radio phone in program is live every Sunday from 6AM to 7AM on FM103. If you can’t make those time, our programs are available from this website, SoundCloud and our Facebook page.

Klahan9 is produced by BBC Media Action and funded by UNDP and Sweden.